Burns & Explosions

Minnesota Burns and Explosions Lawyer

If you work with toxic materials on a regular basis, then you run of risk of coming into contact with these chemicals. There are several serious and often life altering injuries that can result from chemical burns, spills and explosions.  While most workers know that they are entitled to some sort of compensation if they have experienced a serious injury like a burn at work, they may not be aware of how much. This is why it is so important to speak to someone who knows the laws and the legalities surrounding Minnesota worker’s compensation and injured worker’s rights.

Burns and Explosions in the Workplace

Burns can have devastating consequences. Not only do you run the risk of scars in the area impacted, but you could also be looking at brain damage, kidney damage and more. There are all different types of burns and different injuries including:

  • Thermal burns
  • First, Second and Third degree burns
  • Chemical burns

Many workers’ will be in contact with explosions and heavy machinery on a regular basis. If you work in a lab, in a workshop, if you are a chemist, a welder, an electrician, a mechanic then you run the risk of being injured in a burn or explosion on the job. Regardless of who is to blame, whether it is the manufacturer of the faulty equipment, the mismanagement of the foreman or the mistake of the worker, worker’s compensation protects the injured party.

The Road to Recovery after a Burn Injury

Burn victims may require months of rehabilitation. Not only could you be looking at physical pain and scarring but there is also physiological damage to worry about. No victim should also be worrying about how they will get the bills paid on time or whether they will have a job to return to once they have recovered.

There are rules in place to protect the worker and to provide compensation for serious injuries such as those caused by burns and explosions. Many insurance companies will offer a large payout for serious accidents like this which may seem like a lot. However, you need to factor in a number of costs including lost wages, rehabilitation fees, occupational therapy and rehabilitation as well as loss of protected income, retirement funds and more.

Minnesota Work Injury Attorney

If you have suffered from a burn or injury, whether from a fire, a chemical spill, an explosion or anything else, then contact Mary M Morin today. Mary M Morin is an experienced Minnesota injury lawyer with nearly 25 years of experience. Speaking to someone about your legal rights regarding worker’s compensation can mean all the difference to the security of your finances and your family’s future. Contact leading Minneapolis injury attorney, Mary M Morin, today at 612-677-8329.