Psychological Injury

Minnesota Psychological Injury Lawyer

The laws surrounding psychological injury claims in Minnesota are complex to say the least. There are some psychological injuries that you cannot claim and others that you can. No one expects you to understand the ins and outs of the complicated worker’s compensation laws which is why help is available. A Minnesota work injury lawyer can help assess your case and determine if your psychological injury can be claimed through worker’s compensation.

What Injuries Can Be Claimed?

A psychological injury occurs when you have experienced psychological trauma or stress, usually associated with physical trauma. Some of the injuries that can be claimed include:

  • Ulcers and heart diseases caused by work related stress
  • Depression and anxiety

However, other psychological injuries cannot be claimed as of yet.  These include:

  • Mental trauma, often caused by a work place injury in which the injured workers is in a lot of pain and unable to work. However, there are instances where an injury may be the result of your depression and this may be covered, as long as the work injury is the contributing factor in the following mental illness
  • Nervous breakdowns. Currently the state legislature does not allow for nervous breakdowns to be covered under worker’s compensation.

All jobs are stressful. Some careers are more stressful than others. In order to have your workers compensation claim approved for a psychological injury, you will need to prove that your job has caused you the high stress, damage and depression.

How Can Worker’s Compensation Help?

Worker’s compensation can provide you with financial assistance to overcome this illness. It can pay for lost wages if you have had to take time off work as well as therapy and counseling costs if you need to see a counselor. Worker’s compensation can also pay for medication to help alleviate the symptoms of your mental illness.

What Else Can You Do?

If you are suffering from high stress, anxiety or depression, then it is important that you speak to a doctor about it. While you may not be able to claim worker’s compensation, you may be eligible for occupational therapy. There are a number of free counseling services provided that can help you manage your mental illness.

For more information on claiming compensation for a physiological illness, contact Mary M Morin. Mary Morin is a leading Minnesota work injury lawyer that specializes in all types of injury, physical or psychological. Contact Mary Morin, your leading Minneapolis workers and injury compensation attorney today to 612-677-8329.