Truck Accident

Minnesota Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have been in a truck accident while on the clock then this means you will need to fill in an incident report and that you may be eligible for worker’s compensation.  Worker’s compensation will offer you payment for lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering that you have endured. It is important that all injured workers are familiar with their rights and with how much they are entitled to.

Many workers know that if they get injured, they will receive a payment of some sort but they may not know the logistics behind it. Insurance companies use this lack of knowledge to their advantage by offering injured workers much less than they are entitled to. Before you agree to any payment or payout, it is a good idea to run your claim over with an experienced Minneapolis work injury lawyer. You could be losing out on thousands of dollars in compensation.

Truck Accidents and Worker’s Compensation

Commercial vehicle accidents are incredibly common on the roads across the country. There are a number of reasons why truck accidents occur so frequently and a number of serious injuries that can result. Many truck accidents will end up in fatality for the driver or for the drivers and passengers of the other vehicle involved. Some of the reasons for the frequency of truck accidents on our roads include:

  • Fatigue and inexperience
  • poor servicing and mechanics of the truck
  • speeding
  • icy roads and tough weather conditions

Some of the injuries that are quite common in truck accidents include:

  • fatality
  • broken bones
  • fractured skulls and traumatic brain injuries
  • whip lash
  • shoulder and back problems
  • paralysis
  • permanent damage
  • chronic pain

Often after you have been injured in a truck accident you will wake up in the hospital. You may be unable to work for months and you may be unsure what has happened. It is never too early to speak to a lawyer about the best way to go about your situation and the right way to fill in your claim to ensure that your compensation is not denied and is just.

Know Your Worker’s Rights

Keep in mind that it is not just commercial truck drivers that risk injury. Anyone who gets behind the wheel for their job can risk getting into an accident. Bus drivers, taxicab drivers, garbage truck drivers, and couriers – these are only some of the careers that can result in a truck or heavy vehicle accident on the highways.

Minnesota Work Injury Lawyer

Recovery from a serious injury in the workplace, including truck accidents, can take time. Many injured workers will have a family to support and thus time is not on their side. It is important that you are not forced back into the workplace before you are recovered simply because you need to make ends meet. If you are looking for a way to secure your payout and to ensure that your legal rights are being protected after a work related injury, then contact leading Minneapolis injury attorney, Mary M Morin, today at 612-677-8329.