Wrongful Death Law

Minnesota Wrongful Death Lawyer

There is nothing worse than receiving news that your loved one has been killed in a work related accident. If this has happened to you then words cannot express our sorrow for what you are going through. As hard as this is, the good news is that there is a way for you and your family to be financially compensated for the losses to ensure you can live as comfortable as possible.

Speaking to a Minnesota wrongful death lawyer may be the thing you need to work through this confusing time and to ensure the best outcome.

Wrongful Death Worker’s Compensation Claims

All the money in the world will not take away the pain and emptiness that losing a loved one in a work related accident can cause. However, being fairly compensated can ensure that you will continue to be able to pay the bills, to put the children through school and to feed your family even without your loved one’s income coming in each week.

In many wrongful death cases, the insurance company will offer the family a large payout. While the number may seem pretty decent you need to factor in a number of different costs, including costs for today (funeral expenses, medical bills, etc.) as well as for down the road (years of lost income, retirement funds, etc.). Furthermore, you should also be compensated for the pain and suffering that this will cause.

Deaths in the Workplace

Wrongful death accidents can happen in a wide range of incidents. This can include:

  • Car and truck accidents, especially commercial truck accidents
  • Burns and explosions
  • Slip and falls from construction sites
  • Heavy vehicle machinery accidents

While it can be hard to think clearly at a time like this, it is always in your best interest to speak to an expert in worker’s compensation laws to ensure that your rights are protected and that your family is compensated fairly. Insurance companies will take advantage of your confused state and will use this to offer you a payout that is not enough for what you have and will endure. Sometimes all it takes is a simple phone call to a Minnesota worker’s compensation lawyer to help you decide what your best option is.

Minnesota Work Accident Attorney

Moving forward takes time. Unfortunately, however, the bills do not stop just because your world has come crashing down. Speaking to a Minnesota wrongful death lawyer can help make sense of this situation. There are so many things that you are probably dealing with during this difficult time and the last thing you need to worry about is worker’s compensation documents and the risk of denial or an unfair payout. Mary M Morin has been representing the families of workers that have been killed on the job for nearly 25 years. She offers compassion and aggression to ensure that your claim is handled with precision and fairness.  Contact Mary Morin, your leading Minneapolis workers and injury compensation attorney today to 612-677-8329.